Monday, March 20, 2017

EUA No Action

My daughter had an Evaluation Under Anesthesia (EUA) today with her retina surgeon.   We weren’t sure if he was going to do something, nothing, a lot, a little.   We didn’t know if her pressure was maintaining or if he’d have to artificially increase the pressure in her eyes with Healon again.   We didn’t know and weren’t sure because she can’t tell us what’s going on by what she sees so we just have to wait and find out when we see her doctor on these visits to Detroit.

The short story is Dr. Trese decided to do nothing today, mostly in part because nothing had gotten unexpectedly worse in either eye.   This doesn’t mean things got better, but no downhill progression had happened either.

Her right eye has tissue growth.  This tissue growth has closed off her field of vision before and he’s opened it up before and it’s still happening.   At this point he says it’s like looking through a 1mm pinhole camera.   He wants to open her eye back up to 2.5-3.0mm but he wants to pick the right time to do so, waiting for the tissues to mature so that the scaring response wont be to close the opening back off again.   To compare, he said my eyes, in the light of the waiting room, given my pupil dilation, would be about 1.5mm, so opening her up beyond that should give her a good amount of visual field.   He suggests we come back in three months to have him do that procedure.

The left eye has what appears to be an attached retina, something Dr. Trese thinks has been the case in most part for some months now.   How much the retina is functioning is an unknown though.   Her lens is clouded, otherwise known as a cataract, and will have to be removed at some point but for now he thinks it hasn’t changed much in the last four months.   He’s giving a lecture at Duke next Friday and plans to speak to my daughter’s pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Grace, at that time about plans for removing the cataract and replacing it with an artificial lens.  We don’t have a date or timeframe on this, but considering it will significantly upset her functional vision we’re waiting until they think the time is right.

Tomorrow we fly home and plan on a return trip in three months for surgery on her right eye and hold on plans for the left eye until we hear more.

The Big Boy Update:  My son likes to go to Dave and Busters as a special night out with the parent who is home with him when his sister goes to Detroit (a trip he thinks is fun as opposed to hospitals and surgeries).   Tonight he apparently won the jackpot on one of the ticket games winning over eleven hundred tickets.   Knowing the relative ticket to value ratio at these places I bet he could get a pencil or a noise maker when he checked out.   I wonder what he selected?

The Tiny Girl Chronicles:  My daughter told me in the car today, “I love only daddy.”  I said that daddy was certainly a good person to love.   She then said, “I love you too.”

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