Friday, May 19, 2017

On For Monday

Thanks to our surgeon here we are now scheduled for surgery in Detroit on Monday.  Things aren't great, but we're hoping it will be something simple and fixable like low pressure.  Hoping.   Hoping.

My daughter, as always, has a happy attitude even with her remaining sight dwindling.   My husband is keeping us positive and my son, for all of his six years, is supportive.   I can't ask for more in a family.

The Big Boy Update:  My son told my husband he was mad he wasn't having a parry for his birthday.  Dad told him he could plan his birthday party and that he wanted pizza, a Costco cake and a new pinball machine.  My son replied, "too expensive"

The Tiny Girl Chronicles:   My daughter can still see colors.  I watched her music lesson today and I saw what Chelsea had seen from the prior week.   Although even Chelsea aggres, something is worsening.

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