Thursday, May 18, 2017

Date Moved Up

My daughter’s next EUA and surgery is scheduled for June 5th with her retina surgeon, Dr. Trese, in Detroit.   Since the cataract surgery things have gone up and down, but more recently only in a downward direction.   We’re not sure what’s happening, but something isn’t functioning in her eye.

Hopefully there isn’t permanent damage being done because there just isn’t a lot of vision left in the eye—her only useful eye.    We went back to the play therapist today and she agreed, something is amiss.   Her teacher at school today said they’re not sure she saw anything at all during school.

I did a test after school, annoying my daughter in the process, and found out she can still see some colors and even saw a red square, but what is the same and what’s been lost?  We don’t know.   I messaged our surgeon here and asked her advice and she suggested we see if we could get in earlier than June 5th with Dr. Trese.  

Unbelievably with the crazy busy schedule he has (I’ve heard incidental stories from other people) he said to have her come up for Monday.    So tomorrow I’m calling the scheduler first thing and my husband is making travel arrangements.    Hopefully we’ll have some more clarity then on what’s happening in her left eye.

The Big Boy Update:  My son told my husband tonight that art is something that makes you feel good that spreads the feeling to others.   We were thinking we had a very eloquent six-year-old until he informed us he learned that from Paw Patrol.

The Tiny Girl Chronicles:   My daughter didn’t want to tell me what she could and couldn’t see today.   She lies, tells us she can see more than she can, because she wants to make us happy.   But she could tell me a lemon was yellow, a tomato was orange and the Tupperware container was red and even offered that it was square.    So she can see something.   But it seems like a lot less than she could see when she first opened her eyes after the cataract surgery.

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